【10分pk10_pk10分析_10分pk10分析】That's the deal: Xinjiang jade dealers' online bazaar

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<p class="">   URUMQI, Nov. 4 (Xinhua) -- Two mobile phones, a power bank, a pair of Bluetooth earphones, a mini electronic scale, a calliper and a flashlight are all devices Pu Hongtao needs for his online jade business.</p><p class="">   By live-streaming the purchasing process to help retailers sell jade online, Pu has become a minor celebrity at a jade bazaar in Hetian, northwest China's Xinjiang.</p><p class="">   "Look, more than 13,000 people are following me on this live-stream platform," he said.</p><p class="">   Pu is just one of the 65 jade dealers that do live-streams at the bazaar. Their live shows not only make it easier for jade lovers to buy products from hundreds of miles away, but also generate increased sales for local retailers.</p><p class="">   When the bazaar opens at 10 a.m., Pu, like his peers, start searching for products that could be sold online, while live-streaming on his phone at the same time.</p><p class="">   He introduces jade materials or crafts to those watching his show. If a potential buyer arrives, he will negotiate with the buyer via WeChat, a Chinese messaging app, on his other mobile phone. He also needs to catalyze the deal by bargaining between seller and customer.</p><p class="">   When the deal is complete, the buyer transfers money to Pu, along with a service fee for him. Pu's daily turnover can reach an average of 10,000 yuan (about 1,435 U.S. dollars).</p><p class="">   With Pu's help, those who have no access to live-streaming can now sell their products online.</p><p class="">   "Thanks to him, the business is good every day," said Tursunjan Mamataxim, a jade seller who just made a deal worth 460 yuan (about 65 U.S. dollars) with the help of Pu's live show.</p><p class="">   Shortly after the deal was made, the jade seller took out another bag of jade stone as Pu's audience was expecting something else. Staring at Pu's mobile phone, Mamataxim also joined the bargain to get a satisfying price.</p><p class="">   This kind of live-streaming jade dealing is now prevalent at the bazaar, where there are over 1,000 stalls or shops. It is the biggest jade market in Hetian, also known as the City of Jade.</p><p class="">   "I pick good products based on my experience," said Pu, who has been in the jade industry for 12 years. "I sell real things to customers at a reasonable price."</p><p class="">   To prevent deception, the live-stream platform has detailed regulations on the live-streaming behavior. Those who break the rules can be punished.</p><p class="">   The jade bazaar has also set up a commission to deal with trade disputes and all live-streamers have to be registered before going on air, according to Cui Bin, a market supervisor at the bazaar.</p><p class="">   When the sun begins to fall, Pu packs up his devices and leaves the bazaar. At this traditional bazaar a new era is on the horizon, as internet technologies inject fresh vitality into the jade market.  Enditem</p>